Paul Bacsik  and Danny D'Ancona

In 2003 we combined our restaurant and retail wine buying knowledge as well as our experience working for New York State distributors to start a source that focuses on quality rather than quantity.


Our Sales Representative


Gustav Hausser Long Island

After earning a masters in biomedical technology Gustav wound up owning four restaurants in Seacliff and Glen Cove, NY. Reviews from Newsday and the  New York Times ranged from Very Good to Three Stars. He is also an alumnus of the Window on the Worlds Wine Course .


 Phill D'Ancona-New York City

Phill took a part time job 35 years ago at a wine store between gigs with his band Torn and Frayed. Since then he has worn most every hat you can in wine from managing to interfacing with chefs. Now between gigs of The Shade Phill brings his knowledge of wine and spirits to LWC and we appreciate his undiminished enthusiasm for wine and the wine world.

Bashir Solebo-Brooklyn and Queens

Bashir has worked in the service industry for twelve years as a wine store manager, wine buyer, bartender and server. He left the life insurance industry in 2015 to pursue one of his true loves, wine. He is currently studying for his Sommeliere Certificate from The Sommeliere Society of America.

Justin Hoffman-New York City

After graduating from university in 2013, Justin traveled to his grandmother's birthplace in Franconia, Germany. He promptly fell in love with both the wines and  history of a local 500 year-old winery, and decided  to embark upon a journey into the world of wine. Before coming to LWC, Justin marketed wines and spirits in CT and NY, clerked at a boutique wine shop in Brooklyn, NY, and represented an artisanal Chilean wine producer.